“As a generally inexperienced civilian practitioner in the arts of self-defense and Combativs training I found the program to be a very efficient, effective, practical, and real method of self-defense and self-preservation in times of high level violent situations.

8Al is a very learned, patient, and proficient instructor of the Combativs system. He is a professional with a very calm, relaxed, and supportive approach to his teaching methods. He creates an environment very conducive to learning the skills and techniques presented while at the same time providing the experiential practice space coupled with his guided personal input to help you master and perfect each and every technique.

I am very appreciative of Al for imparting his knowledge to me and others as this training is invaluable for anyone wanting to be in a position to protect themselves and their family. Not only does it give you more confidence in defending yourself but it also brings you together with likeminded folks of which add to the overall learning experience.”