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Look, martial arts dojos and MMA clubs are in the business of making money. There’s nothing wrong with that… if you’re one of them. But, is it what’s best for you?

They consider it just business to have students pouring money into them for at least 5 years before they’ll let them get a black belt that can cost up to $12,000. and much more for private lessons, seminars, belt exams and gas back and forth to the club hundreds of times.

Most people drop out as they know they’re not getting what they want and need. Which is why, statistically, only 1 in 500 who start in a martial art ever receive a black belt. 499 out of 500 don’t want to spend years hardening and flexing their bodies to do such unnecessary acrobatic maneuvers like jump spinning heel kicks with their bare feet.

Also, you don’t want the aches, pains, strains, bruising, cracked and broken bones that comes with such training.

And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, from a statistical viewpoint, typical fighting methods are proven to be counter-productive against determined, violent people.

Face it… competition for belts, trophies and certificates are sport… dealing with violent actors is combat, requiring an entirely different set of skills to survive.

Commandos need to win when they’re cold, wet, exhausted and wounded and they need to do it within 2 seconds. They know it’s life threatening to use anything less than what gets the job done if they want to go home. That’s why, even though they’re strong and fit, they won’t use typical fighting systems.

You shouldn’t either.

These CAMP X Programs excel when others will fail you when you need to protect yourself and your family.

Heads up though… there are powerful forces out there who don’t want you to have this material. The thought police (YouTube; Google; the government, etc.) are shutting down all kinds of information every day that they don’t like.

You never know how long material like this will be available.

Acting now is the only way you can ensure a chance at getting these lifesaving skills in your hands.


Many consider the birth of U.S./British and Canadian foreign agent and military special operations training was birthed in Canada in 1941. CAMP X was officially opened on the shores of Lake Ontario outside of Toronto Canada on December 6, 1941.

There they trained men and women in the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS-British), Special Operations Executive (SOE-British), British Security Co-Ordination (BSC-British/North American), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI-United States),
Office of Strategic Services (OSS-United States-early CIA), Office of War Information (OWI-United States) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP-Canadian).

The Chief Instructor, William Fairbairn, considered one of the world’s most dangerous ‘silent killers’, was brought in from the War Office Training Center in Scotland, known as Castle Commando, where he was training Commandos in hand-to-hand combat, knife-fighting and pistol techniques, including my father, a combat-decorated Commando, who trained me.

This training was easy and quick to learn and execute with deadly effectiveness.


In the early 1900’s, William Fairbairn was a British Royal Marine (commonly known today as Commandos) stationed in Japanese controlled Korea. He spent his days training with the Royal Marines (no small feat in itself), and his nights studying martial arts with the toughest Japan and Korea had to offer.

He spent years doing this until he ended up as a cop (for 32 years) in the most dangerous place on earth… Shanghai. There he learned every single thing about every martial art he could possibly get his hands on. He also took up boxing, wrestling and savate. He studied Kung Fu from the personal bodyguard to the Empress of China and became the first Westerner to receive black belts in Judo and Jujitsu from a Japanese grandmaster.

During this time, he got into hundreds of no-holds-barred street fights with Tong gang members, who were renowned for their lethal ways. One day, after he was beaten and stabbed many times and left for dead, he realized that all the martial arts he knew, wasn’t good enough.

So, he took his military training, mixed it with his mastering of four Eastern martial arts and his street experience, to develop what worked best against multiple, armed, murderous criminals who were also highly-trained martial artists.

Colonel Fairbairn became the Father of Combatives.

He also became the father of SWAT, as he taught his lethal combatives to the Shanghai police and improved the force by implementing some of the first SWAT-style police squads and tactics the world had ever seen, that are still being used today.

Colonel Fairbairn is considered the most lethal hand-to-hand fighter of all time who developed combatives to be used by elite units, which was proven time and again to be the best.

Over many decades I worked with my father and many other experts to refine, tweak, and distill an end result called COMBATIVS CAMP X that I bank my life on for myself. I’m not aware of any better, otherwise I’d use it.


CAMP X was developed in the effort to preserve lives, particularly civilian lives.

Vicious criminals, predators, terrorists and indiscriminate violence are rising realities set against an unprepared populace. Threats exist at home, work, school, public venues, vacation locales and the street. Statistics reveal, that most will encounter at least one violent threat against them in their lifetime. Many have and will experience multiple attacks. Attacks can include life-altering experiences such as emotional trauma, sexual assault, hospitalization, permanent injuries and death.

The government doesn’t prepare civilians for this common threat. Their educational systems have decided that subjects such as algebra, drama and physics, better prepare a person for the world, then how to protect themselves and their families from threats on their lives.

The financial cost to government for health care; disability payments; lost taxes and police actions due to crime and violent acts against the population, is incalculable. Besides saving lives, a trained population can reduce these expenses.

The police are a necessary part of civilian safety, yet, they usually arrive when a violent act has already concluded.

CAMP X prepares you on how to meet these threats on your life. Close quarter combatives (CQC) training is usually limited to government intelligence field operatives (e.g., U.S. CIA; British MI6) and military special operators (e.g., US Army Delta; British SAS: US Navy SEALS).

Unarmed combatives training in these specialized groups over the decades since WW II has unfortunately, in many units, been watered-down to meet political correctness and/or financial motives. Quality unarmed, knife and unconventional weapons combatives has all but been abandoned in favor of a reliance on heavy automatic weaponry; personal armor; mechanized armor; team assistance and reinforcements.

Civilians don’t have the luxury of these additional assets. Civilians must rely on superior combatives skills to obtain their greatest prospect at surviving violent actions.


Weak combatives skills can endanger even those with excessive dependence on weaponry and team support. One story comes from an Australian special operative in Afghanistan who hadn’t been prepared properly by the military in unarmed combatives.

While his team were searching a cave, he was attacked suddenly in the dark. Unable to use weapons or obtain any team help, he said only his size and strength, not skillset, was able to save him.

CAMP X strips the training down to a person being alone; in street clothes; dependent on finishing skillsets to quickly (within a few seconds) end a violent attack. Size, age, gender, strength and endurance can be overcome with the skillsets taught.

CAMP X is derived from decades of government and independent research and statistical evidence from actual combat conditions experienced by the military, police and civilians. It contains the psychology, mechanics and methodologies of survival found to be most successful when engaged in violent close quarter encounters.

CAMP X is not based on a sport such as mixed martial art cage fighting as, competitions, although intense, have rules and referees, no weapons and no multiple attackers. These are controlled fights with safety features, not combat. Training to inflict serious injury or a fatal result is forbidden. Martial arts training exercises are therefore counter-productive for combat survival.

At CAMP X, the training and practical application is focused on a different mindset, on a different set of targets, to be used against a different kind of adversary to affect a different result. Sport fighting and the CAMP X applications are not interchangeable at the “moment of truth” as some would believe. In real world life and death situations, you’ll do what you’ve trained to do.

CAMP X provides you with the skills necessary to engage your target with confidence, increased performance and identifiable success.

The goal is to provide the highest level of education and training possible through effective training platforms to keep you at the top of the survival chain.

CAMP X covers extremely aggressive hand to hand (H2H), hand to weapon (H2W) and weapon (W2W) tactics in close quarters, against single and multiple attackers, to prepare you for violent encounters. These encounters can take place anywhere, at any time. Even military and police forces are off duty and can be in a position on their own without weapons, without back-up, without technology or team resources at their disposal and so must rely on their CAMP X skills when necessary.

CAMP X skillsets can mean the difference between life and death of you, your families and others, that alternative training methods don’t always meet. CAMP X is meant to prepare you for performance at the next level.


Also, CAMP X incorporates a feature in its system, that other training systems overlook. This factor was discovered by the US government when they analyzed the extremely poor combat results of their trained soldiers. Once the missing link was uncovered, they altered the military’s training process. The results were astonishing. Behavioral engineering training was credited in drastically increasing elite Special Force operator’s effectiveness in actual combat, by up to 50 to 1.

That’s a 5000% increase you’ll have in effectiveness!

CAMP X contains this vital behavioral engineering training, The Wolverine Factor, which is psychological and physiological conditioning to overcome mental, emotional and spiritual hindrances, hesitations, fears and phobias to act. An additional benefit is to assist in knowing when and if you should respond with combative skillsets, legal aspects that may be encountered and a training contribution to address PTS (post-traumatic stress) when CQC is survived.

Without this training, statistics have proven that the best trained fighter, soldier and police officer will fail up to 98% of the time in life and death situations.

CAMP X does require commitment on your part to become proficient in developing your tradecraft or personal skillset preferences, in order to succeed when most others fail against threats.


A few hours after you start training at CAMP X, you’ll obtain skills that most don’t know and will never know, even highly trained professionals… skills that can save your life and the lives of others.

Fear will dissolve.

Confidence will overtake you.

The CAMP X Programs teach how to effectively neutralize multiple armed attackers. Anything less is a waste of your time and money and may cost you your life.


Just extreme finishing tactics that work in seconds, even on armed multiple attackers.