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Buffalo Western New York And Beyond Combativs Camp X Programs…

What is the Best self defense in Buffalo? Does the best self defense training in Buffalo or anywhere work against multiple armed predators? Does the best martial arts training work against terrorists or determined attackers? Does Modern Combatives, Krav Maga techniques or MMA/BJJ tactics work when you or your family’s lives are on the line? “COMBATIVS provided information… missing […]

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Surprised By An Intruder

Surprised By An Intruder

By Director Rick Fike – Close Quarter Combat Skills Institute From “Staying Alive-Your Crime Prevention Guide” Home Invasion Self Defense Home Invasion: Several actions can be taken, provided each action is safe, practical, and based on common sense. Call the police Turn on every light possible Gather up the family and exit through another door

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Carjacking Security

Carjacking Security

By Director Al Collins In most carjacking situations (according to statistics), the attackers are interested only in the vehicle. Try to stay calm. Do not stare at the attacker as this may seem aggressive and cause them to harm you. There are two options during an attack–nonresistive, nonconfrontational behavior and resistive or confrontational behavior. Your

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Use Of Deadly Force

Use Of Deadly Force

By Director Rick Fike – Close Quarter Combat Skills Institute From “Staying Alive-Your Crime Prevention Guide” Deadly Force: Another very important principle that also must be understood is the use of deadly force, which is generally defined as the force used to prevent immediate and imminent death or great bodily harm. To be justified in

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K9 Security

K9 Security

By Director Al Collins There are times when people feel more comfortable with adding to their COMBATIVS self-protection training, by having a dog with them. They are great protection to have with you at home, in your car (deter car-jacking) and also on walks. I speak from experience when I say they are unequaled early

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Covert Weapons

By Director Al Collins The laws in Canada are very strict when it comes to having a weapon. In short, it’s against the law to have a weapon (Criminal Code Section 2). In the USA, weapon laws, Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground Laws vary from State to State. Check your State for details. A

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Active Shooter

By Director Al Collins An active shooter is typically defined as an individual or individuals who are actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in public places such as schools, workplaces, shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment venues (sports arenas, theaters) and the streets. In most cases, active shooters use a firearm(s) and display no pattern or method for

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Multiple Attackers

By Director Al Collins Multiple attackers: Scenario #1: You’re on vacation with your family. You all walk out of a restaurant, turn the corner and there’s a group of five guys there. One sucker punches you as you’re walking by. As you start to come around, they’re in the midst of raping your companion. One

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Knife Attacks

By Director Al Collins Knife attacks: “In 2008, a knife was used against 6% of all victims of a violent crime. Included in this category are other cutting instruments such as broken bottles, screwdrivers or scissors. In comparison, 3% of violent crimes were committed with a club or blunt instrument and 2% with a firearm.

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Inflict Injury

By Director Al Collins Inflict injury: One of the main counter-productive features of MMA, martial arts and self-defense programs, is their training attention to inflicting pain rather than injury. Injury means the attackers are crippled… you broke something. Such as the knee break in the picture. When you’re training teaches you to inflict pain, block,

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