“Combativs is a self-defense program that cuts right to the chase, eliminating any redundant movements that get in the way of efficiency and achieving your target: to save your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Combativs is not a martial art and does not deal with redundant katas, extreme discipline or sportsmanship; it’s about survival and getting the job done. Training is not based just on teaching you the actual physical moves, but also on preparing you psychologically through behavioural engineering so you can be prepared to face any situation you might encounter: a dark alley, an isolated parking lot at night, a break-and-enter, etc. In such situations your purpose is to survive and protect your loved ones, anything else will get you killed.

Through economy of movement, years of research of what works out in the field and behavioural engineering, Combativs provides one of the best self-defense training courses out there. It is easy to learn, the moves are ergonomic and natural to the human body, simple yet deadly. No martial art training or any kind of physical training is required. It is designed for the average person of reasonable health and strength. Anyone can learn it.”