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Church Security Protection


There are many shocking statistics on the rising violence and DFI (Deadly Force Incidents) that take place at faith-based locations in the United States and Canada. Arson, murder, hate crimes and violent robbery top the list. In Charleston South Carolina nine people were murdered in their church during a prayer service. Violence against many also occurs outside of their place of worship.

The world is going through an escalating Christian Holocaust where men, women and children are being systemically murdered (genocide), tortured, kidnapped, raped and beaten, especially in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. People in entire villages and towns are being murdered. In formerly safer regions, such as Europe and Scandinavia, people are suffering from terrible violence against them because of their faith. In many countries, Christians must worship in secret, in fear of government-sanctioned imprisonment and execution.

Security measures are a necessity to maintain a safe worship environment and when being attacked because of your faith.

These attacks have shown to be excessively brutal, many times resulting in multiple deaths.

In addition to building security measures, people need personal training beyond self defense and beyond martial arts training.

COMBATIVS offers certified private training, at you location, at your convenience, in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and surrounding areas in hand to hand and close quarter battle training to meet this rising need.

Protect yourself and others with COMBATIVS.

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