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The Raider Program
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Raider X Program


At the original WWII CAMP X, certain civilian men and women were selected and quickly trained to become lethal hunters. 

The instructors didn’t have five years to train them to become a sports-minded black belt. Nor would they want to teach such counter-productive material, as ju-jitsu, kung fu and karate were proven to fail in life-or-death combat. Where these raiders were going there were no refs, no rings, no rules, no niceties. Any illogical, ineffective tactics like punching, submissions or grappling, would get them killed.

They had to learn what worked if they were to “finish” larger, stronger, armed, multiple enemies, who were military-trained, combat experienced and would kill them if they made a mistake

These raiders were taught tactics to infiltrate, deceive, hunt, destroy, evade and escape. They didn’t train for self-defense or the possibility that they may be attacked. They hunted.

Espionage agents and Commandos had firearms in the 1940’s as they do today, but they still learned unarmed combat and how to use and combat edged and clandestine weapons. Makes sense. If they dropped their firearm or it jammed or emptied or they operated covertly, not carrying weapons, they needed combatives to survive. Same goes with off-duty personnel who are unarmed. Reactionary/self-defense/appeasement in war against an aggressor is a recognized failure.


The RAIDER X PROGRAM or X is a predator of predators carrying a wolverine mindset. The wolverine is a raider that uses intelligence, strategy and aggressive tactics to hunt and ambush. It is unafraid to attack animals many times bigger than itself such as polar, grizzly and black bear, and will wade right in to attack wolf packs.

x predator

The wolverine has a feared and revered raider reputation as not only being considered the most ferocious animal on the planet, but rare in that it also enjoys its job.

If the RAIDER X PROGRAM was a martial arts animal system, it would be called the Wolverine System.

Martial arts, MMA, self-defense courses, Modern Combatives don’t teach or accept this mindset or such ruthless tactics.

It is foolish for society to believe that wait-your-turn, defense, indifference, diplomacy, concessions and surrender will eliminate or prevent evil’s continuation against the innocent.


X is proven, brutal, effective, not for the squeamish, fainthearted or politically correct crowd.

X is taught by the Director Al Collins in a one-day intensive of 8 Hours, although participants will hone their trade craft after X is completed with the tools provided. X may be divided into 2–4-hour segments on approval of the Director. This one-day intensive training is compiled from Fairbairn’s CAMP X, Achnacarry Castle Commando, OSS/CIA and assorted tactics utilized from other modern specialized combat and clandestine sources.

Training will be held at your location or a facility that can be rented at additional cost. Contact the Director to discuss additional travelling fees to your location outside of GTA/Golden Horseshoe Ontario Canada/Western New York USA.


Must be 18+.

No criminal record or member of any hate group.

Program acceptance subject to Director’s approval.

1-6 Persons. Contact the Director for larger group consideration.

Total $1800.00 cash upon the Director’s arrival


Deadly force training against single and multiple armed predators:

  • Covert/Overt unarmed (H2H)
  • Unconventional/covert/clandestine weapons
  • Edged weapons
  • Firearms
  • Obtaining the wolverine mindset
  • Study of the predator mindset
  • Hunting, trapping, ambushing, deception, etc. against predators
  • Legalities
  • Escape
  • Post-training assignments
  • And MUCH MORE…


  • The RAIDER X PROGRAM is payable in cash at Program start.
  • Payments are non-refundable.
  • The Program is non-transferable.
  • Any facility rental and/or travel fees are payable prior to event.
  • Depending on client needs and desires for additional training time beyond the Program, fees will be in 2-hour increments, at the hourly rate.
  • No audio, video recording or photos of Program allowed.


Training may be temporarily delayed to accommodate client or instructor for medical reasons; weather preventing travel; family or business commitments. Training resumes on agreed-upon schedule when the circumstance has cleared. If cancellation is client initiated, payment of training site and/or travel fees will be relinquished.