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Self Defense for Travel


Travelling for work or holidays can be a very risky adventure, depending on where you’re headed. For those of you going to Africa, Europe, Scandinavia, or the Middle East, you’re very brave. Media reports of random violence against innocent people in these areas, are escalating. Law enforcement are being attacked when trying to stop predators and won’t even venture into many areas.

The Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America and Asia are also broadcasting disturbing news reports of violence against people, especially foreigners, of crime and their going missing or found murdered. Kidnapping for ransom and human trafficking is a real and present danger in many countries.

Travelling within the United States and Canada looks safer from this level of violence so far, yet violent predators are operating everywhere and can strike anytime.

Whether you’re travelling overseas or just to the other side of Toronto or Mississauga, you need close quarter combat training skills that the best self defense training, martial arts training, MMA training or Krav Maga training won’t provide.

Even in Israel, the land where they teach everyone Krav Maga (mandatory 2+ years military service for men and women), news reports reveal that many people are attacked and killed in their homes, at the market and on the street, by knife wielding terrorists, some who are just girls and boys. Their Krav Maga training skills don’t protect them.

Are you willing to trust MMA, Krav Maga, martial arts or self-defense training methods or even law enforcement, to save your life, when you and your family are away from home? Your COMBATIVS hand to hand and close quarter combat skillsets may be the most important thing you take with you when going out of town. These are the skillsets that military Special Forces units and Elite government Black Ops agents rely on.

Be confident for you and your family. Private certified training at your location, at your convenience, is available in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and surrounding areas.

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