“No Matter How Big Your Adversary, If You Know Unarmed Combat You Will Be Able To Take Care Of Yourself”

Military Self Defense Course In Jersey City New Jersey


Want To Be Safe And Confident Against Violence In Jersey City New Jersey?

Become a Combatives Master while training at home in Jersey City New Jersey. Study from a Black Belt and Certified Instructor of an entity that trained the CIA; counter-terrorism units and black operators, among others. Learn forbidden, deadly secrets not taught by flawed martial arts, MMA, Krav Maga and military Special Operations/Modern Army Combatives. Quickly and easily defeat multiple, armed threats in a few seconds… or less.

Crime Trends in Jersey City

Statistical information on crime rates in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA, reveals a fluctuating trend over the past few years. While overall crime rates have decreased slightly, there has been a concerning rise in property crimes such as theft and burglary. Efforts to address these issues include increased police presence and community outreach programs.

In Jersey City, New Jersey, USA, being ready for self-defence is crucial due to the city's high crime rate. It empowers individuals to protect themselves and their loved ones from potential harm. Self-defence skills can deter potential attackers, boost confidence, and improve physical fitness, making it an essential tool for personal safety.

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Securing Safety in Jersey City: Combativs as Essential Self-Protection

In Jersey City, facing a multitude of threats like active shooters, street violence, and home invasions underscores the urgent need for self-defense preparedness. Combativs is vital in this environment, where adversaries are often younger, stronger, and more ruthless, disregarding rules and showing no mercy. Statistics demonstrate the inevitability of encountering violence, with many experiencing multiple attacks that can lead to life-altering consequences like trauma, assault, and even death.

In the USA, the prevalence of threats like active shooters and home invasions necessitates readiness for self-defense. Combat skills are essential in facing younger, stronger adversaries who often show no mercy. Statistics reveal the stark reality of encountering violence, leading to trauma, assault, and potential fatalities.


What To Expect

COMBATIVS: Evolution of Self-Protection

Martial Arts

Martial arts and sport fighting systems have dozens of counterproductive flaws that fail against the brutality of violence. COMBATIVS provides the skills necessary to engage these threats to achieve lifesaving results.


Entertainment vs Reality. While MMA offers sport and skill, it lacks the life-or-death tactics needed for real-world combat. COMBATIVS provides battle-tested techniques for survival against armed predators.

Krav Maga

Flawed for real-world encounters. Combat is not a game; it's about survival. COMBATIVS offers rapid, battle-tested training for protection against armed predators. Gain the edge to survive.

Self Defense Doesn’t Work

Self-defense is often misunderstood and inadequate against real threats. Statistics show traditional methods fail in violent encounters. COMBATIVS offers combat-proven training for survival against armed predators.

Combativs features

Realistic Strikes

Efficient, one-strike knockouts and lethal solutions, independent of strength or endurance, targeting critical areas for immediate threat neutralization.

Tactical Tradecraft

Step-by-step guidance in strategic maneuvering to dominate every encounter, ensuring victory through superior preparation and execution.


Master a personal tradecraft use of knives, firearms and unconventional weapons, alongside developing unrivaled combat tactics to finish threats using them.

The Wolverine Factor

Behavioral conditioning crucial for effective response in life-or-death situations, exponentially increasing combat effectiveness and survival rates.


Elite combatives training by Director Collins, son of a WWII British Commando, trained by Colonel Fairbairn, considered the most lethal hand-to-hand combat fighter of all time. COMBATIVS was developed to replace all other CQC/martial art/self-defense/fighting systems in realistically dealing with
close quarter singular and multiple armed threats not only for military CQC use but also for civilians threatened by violent bad actors.

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*COMBATIVS is a close quarter combat program blending elite techniques from various government and military special units (British, American, Russian). It addresses deficiencies in other self-defense programs, ensuring effectiveness in violent close combat situations for all clients.

*Top-tier CQC training limited to government intelligence and elite military. Training emphasizes heavy weaponry, armor, team support. COMBATIVS incorporates their strategies, focusing on individual skills, surprise, violence, and speed.

*Conventional programs fail in close combat. COMBATIVS integrates overlooked training, giving clients an edge over predators, even trained professionals.