“With a long history and passion in martial arts and military combatives training; I can attest to the no nonsense and effective training of Combativs. As a practitioner of Israeli Hand to Hand Combat over 8 yrs. I’ve found the information
provided by Al to be invaluable and eye opening in the use of lethal force. The  information presented is just what I was looking for and missing from my current (Krav Maga) training. The information provided is definitely not taught in dojo’s
and you would be very challenged to find this information outside the military community. This training has changed not only my approach to training but also mindset.

I’ve found Al to be very knowledgeable and passionate about his work and always readily available to address any questions I had. He knows his stuff and is a wealth of knowledge on the subject. He is the real deal and I’m very grateful to him for seeing a need to share this highly sensitive, and secretive information with civilians.

As a result of this training my knowledge base has increased in a very short period of time along with a new level of confidence obtained knowing that in the event of a life or death situation I will be prepared to neutralize the situation.”