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Special Forces Secrets For Civilians

“A 14 year FBI study (2000-2013) of active shooter incidents, showed they occurred in small and large towns, in urban and rural areas. Though incidents occurred primarily in commerce and educational environments (70.0%), they also occurred on city streets, on military and other government properties, and in private residences, health care facilities, and houses of worship. The shooters victimized young and old, male and female, family members, and people of all races, cultures, and religions. The findings establish an increasing frequency of incidents annually. The findings also reflect the damage that can occur in a matter of minutes. In 63 incidents where the duration of the incident could be ascertained, 44 (70%) of 63 incidents ended in 5 minutes or less, with 23 ending in 2 minutes or less. Even when law enforcement was present or able to respond within minutes, civilians often had to make life and death decisions, and, therefore, should be engaged in training and discussions on decisions they may face. The FBI sought to determine whether the number of active shooter incidents had changed, concluding the trend over the study period showed a steady rise”.

Add in a much greater number of non-firearm related violence statistics and we have a grim picture of the danger that each innocent person faces around the world today, no matter where we are positioned.

US government research reveals that martial arts, self-defense techniques and even typical military and law enforcement training can and often does fail against violent predators, especially against multiple attackers.

We come to you for private certified training in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and the surrounding region, to take you beyond self defense training and beyond MMA and martial arts training, to give you the skill-sets to survive against violent predators!

Elite military Special Forces units and government covert Black Ops agents enter into extremely hostile and violent territory with an edge, that being the highest quality of combat-tested, personal skillsets known, if they are expected to survive and come home. People talk about “them” in awe, which is as it should be. Statistics show us that civilians are operating in hostile and violent territory also, most times alone and unarmed, and therefore need this same edge in order to survive and come home. The best self defense or best martial arts training won’t accomplish that. If it did, elite military Special Forces Operators would be training in self defense or martial arts, instead of combatives. Makes sense. They train in the best skills that will allow them to survive. That’s their secret.

Now you can too.

COMBATIVS… it’s not just for “them” anymore.

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