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Self Defense Doesn’t Work

By Director Al Collins

Self defense is a broad topic that is usually misinterpreted by civilians, law enforcement and many military personnel. The “self defense industry” is a thriving business that, quite frankly, takes advantage of people, as what students are being taught is deficient. When I say deficient, I mean, they will statistically fail 98% of the time against determined, violent predators. Failure means beaten, raped, tortured, abducted and murdered. Very unpleasant words, but people need to be woken up with some facts, if they are to survive.

Most people think that martial arts capabilities are the best skills to have for self defense. Most also believe that self defense skills are needed to defeat an enemy. Many also think that a few quick self defense classes or reading a self defense book or watching a YouTube video with some “secret” techniques, is all that they’ll need to “be ready”.

A broken security system will fail you, when you’re confronted by armed predators about to “take you out”.

Trust me, waving your car keys around at them or trying your knife-arm block on them won’t work.

Yes, there are stories we hear of someone who got lucky with a self defense strike that sent an attacker running. This gives the martial arts or self defense gurus ammo when they’re signing up new people, especially women, into their classes. But statistics aren’t on their side.

Statistics tell us that North Americans have a greater than 50% chance of experiencing a violent attack at some point in their life. This statistic would be higher in some countries, which would raise a person’s risk when working or travelling in these areas. Of course, many people experience multiple violent attacks in their lifetime. Most will succumb to an attacker(s) violence, as they weren’t ready.

Statistics tell us that over 700,000 seniors every year in Canada are victims of violent attack! This figure is considered very low, as many seniors don’t report violence against them. This figure is more than 10 times higher in the USA, with 2016 statistics indicating that this number is skyrocketing.

The gurus won’t tell you these statistics or news items such as the 2016 Rio Olympics bronze medal Judo champion, who was beaten up, robbed and sent to the hospital by a street punk. His martial art failed him. This Olympian’s size, strength, endurance and martial arts/self defense skillsets didn’t protect him. The predator has no rules or restrictions. This “expert” was at the mercy of the predator who allowed him to live… this time! Hopefully this woke him up to some realities of combat and he’ll seek out some combatives training.

During a violent attack, even trained professionals experience shock, hesitation, fear and freeze up. Proper training is needed to teach you how to immediately overcome these problems or you won’t survive!

Martial arts systems, self defense classes, and military boot camps teach skillsets to people that almost 100% of them won’t apply in realistic close quarter combat, when certain training has been ignored. That’s a statistical fact.

COMBATIVS covers all of this training. Our goal is to have you and your family survive against all threats.

Self defense doesn’t work! Self-offense works. And more is needed than specific offensive “techniques”. Many combatives instructors can teach you a “move”, but most fail to tell you that you probably won’t apply this move when “the time comes”? Statistics say you won’t. They also won’t tell you that that “move” won’t work in certain situations. So now what… keep learning a large stack of “moves”, like martial artists do and then pick one during the heat of combat? That’s the usual strategy by instructors. This training only offers confusion under the stress of combat. We don’t do that to you.

Get past the self defense and martial arts thinking as they will fail you.

Combat proven COMBATIVS private training is offered at your convenience, at your location in Buffalo, NY, or Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara, Mississauga, Oakville or Toronto Ontario.

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