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Pressure And Nerve Points In Combat

By Director Al Collins

Mr. Spock’s Vulcan nerve pinch worked for him quite well against opponents, but does attacking specific pressure and nerve points really work?

Yes and no.

First, there’s a lot of confusion on what the difference between the two are.

A pressure point is a location on the body that when pressed or struck, restricts blood, oxygen and other liquids.

A nerve point is a location on the body that contains several nerves that when activated cause sensation-pain compliance.

Some would include joint manipulation into this topic under nerve points. Joint manipulation is great for pain compliance. Police officers and club bouncers use it all the time to obtain results from people. However, not a recommended tactic in COMBATIVS. Many can overcome the pain (drunk or drugged) or counter a joint manipulation. And, once you have the tiger by the tail, then what? You still have to deal with an attacker when you let go. And, what if they have friends?

For COMBATIVS, your goal is to finish attackers. Pressure and nerve points can be useful in setting up your finishing strike(s). A few will be your finishing strikes.

The nose, eyes, ears, groin, and areas over the metacarpals and metatarsals are very sensitive to strikes. There are others.

Such strikes can cause temporary pain and distractions to allow for your follow up finishers. Although, you may wish to stop at a groin strike for instance. Your call.

Different targets cause different expected spontaneous reflexive reactions, which you can expect. Such as a cup-hand strike to the left ear causes attacker to put his hand(s) up to cover ear, left foot step back, bend down, while turning to the left. Expect it. Groin spinal reflex reaction is bend forward, both hands to groin, chin up, possible drop to ground in fetal position. Quick follow-up finishing strike and then walk away or deal with his friends moving in on you.

Proper blunt force trauma or squeezing (choke hold) to pressure areas around the circle of skull base, throat and neck, causes temporary or permanent incapacitation. Choke holds take up to 10 seconds to produce a knock out, so beware of multiple attacker danger, if this is your choice. That’s also a long time for them to counter you. Looks cool in the movies.

Specific pressure and nerve point strikes are tactics that are covered in your COMBATIVS training.

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