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K9 Security

By Director Al Collins

There are times when people feel more comfortable with adding to their COMBATIVS self-protection training, by having a dog with them. They are great protection to have with you at home, in your car (deter car-jacking) and also on walks. I speak from experience when I say they are unequaled early warning systems of anyone entering your yard at night, long before an alarm system sounds.

Research from the Fraternal Order of Police

In multiple studies and interviews conducted among convicted sexual assault, robbery and burglary felons they were asked what security measures taken by homeowners were most effective at deterring their criminal intentions. Consistently at the top of the list were security dogs.
When asked why, criminals listed these reasons:

  • Canine hearing abilities pick-up suspicious sounds earlier than alarm systems.
  • Canine barking alerts homeowners and neighbors too quickly.
  • Criminals fear of being attacked by a dog.
  • Criminals know confronting a dog is much more hazardous than dealing with an alarm system.
  • Dogs don’t hesitate and they are not intimidated by the criminal.

Remember that protection dogs are just a supplement to your COMBATIVS skills, as your friend can’t be with you at most places where you will encounter predators, such as at work, school, on vacation, shopping, etc. Your COMBATIVS skillsets are always the primary protection system that you rely on for you and your family.

Of course the main reason for inviting this friend to share your life with you, is that they are extremely loyal and great companions for you and the entire family.